AgExcellence was founded by Bill Van Nierop in 2010, on a vision of excellence in rural salesmanship, and the need for all sales organisations to embrace and manage change in today’s environment.


Originally a uniquely agricultural training and development consultancy, AgExcellence is based on the wealth of knowledge, experience and commercial insights Bill has gained over 30 years in sales, and sales management roles in Australian Agribusiness.


During this time, Bill has seen and been part of significant change, in a career that started with Wesfarmers, followed by ICI, Orica, and finally the Nufarm group, before launching the AgExcellence venture.


Learning to manage change, guide it’s direction and capitalize on it’s opportunities has been a defining achievement of Bill’s career. Change is ever present, only it’s drivers differ. With corporate life behind him, Bill is pursuing his vision to create a training and development consultancy that delivers a range of options for all customers.


Bill has also completed a certificate IV in Training and Assessment including both TAA40110 and TAE40104.


  • Stephen Hines Senior Account Manager, Kenso Agcare

    “Bill’s approach to sales training and his delivery of the program was outstanding. His many years and experience in the industry was invaluable, not only by adapting each subject into a practical day to day example, but also having the unique ability to keep all participants engaged and motivated during the entire course. The workbooks he provides are a fantastic sales and planning tool, and one that I refer back to on a regular basis. I would highly recommend AgExcellence to any sales and marketing based business”.

  • Callan Orman Operations Manager, Tamworth Rural

    "I have no hesitation in recommending the Ag Excellence training in “Awesome Customer Service”. The unit is concise and straight to the point as well as providing staff with the skills and knowledge that they need to excel in any retail environment. It is also reassuring and refreshing that the source material has come from years of experience in the industry. This was evident in the enthusiasm that staff displayed towards the second half of the training. "

  • Simon Adam General Manager, Cropcare Australia

    "Having a trainer with specific knowledge of the agricultural chemical business has been invaluable in equipping our sales team with relevant knowledge and live examples that they can relate to. The delivery of the program was interactive with workbooks that can be referred back to resulting in action plans that show tangible results of the training investment. We will continue to utilise AgExcellence as part of our continuous improvement process for our people and business."

  • Gavin Kerr Nufarm Australia

    "Really enjoyed the productive sessions, particularly on time management, SMART goal setting, understanding your points of difference and tailoring your approach to your customers style. I believe the workshops have highlighted some really useful tools and information that can make a significant difference to Nufarm and my own role"

  • Kerrie Mackay National Business Manager, Cropcare Australia

    "Bill’s many years of experience as a highly effective sales professional, his exceptional public speaking ability and his recent education in training combine to give him a unique and valuable combination of skills with which to deliver exceptional sales training.


    The Advanced Sales Program I attended was structured to make sure all participants engaged in developing an appropriate plan of sales success for themselves and their team. Practical examples and workshops aided adult learning and kept the course interesting.


    The course was delivered with good humour, real sincerity and passion which was highly motivational to participants. I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to improve their sales performance."

  • Warwick Dowse General Manager, Tamworth Rural

    "Bill conducted the ‘Awesome Customer Service’ training program with the Tamworth Team over a two-course program. I asked if the General Manager should attend and Bill said that it was not necessary. Big mistake Bill! I attended and was thrilled with the experience. Not only did it give me an insight into how my team performed from a sales perspective, it was how they interacted together under Bill’s leadership. Bill has the ability to recognize a person’s ‘sales skills’ and customer personality irrespective on their role in the company.


    It is this attribute of the Ag Excellence program that is of value to me as the General Manager as everybody in our company has an influence on how the customer is treated. We will use Bill and his Ag Excellence program in the future as it is not a case of training for trainings sake…this program works and is now a solid foundation for our service culture."

  • Geoff Raymond Nufarm Australia

    "The sales training that Bill has conducted with Nufarm has enabled the sales teams to refocus their activities and challenge the relevance of day to day activities. The effort is now on planning to achieve maximum value from the sales and marketing teams. Bill's approach is practical, down to earth and relevant to the industry involved. His presentations are well researched, based on years of experience which challenge today's accepted norms. This training can be used by all sales and marketing personnel across a broad range of industries."

  • Warren Ramsey National Sales Manager, Nufarm Australia

    "Ag Excellence provides a tailored service suited to all Agricultural businesses. Bill's experience in the industry couples well with his training program, giving our sales teams useful tools to improve their service to our customers in what is a highly competitive space."