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• Struggling to get the sales outcomes you
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  practical skills for performance and


• Practical workshop based programs

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• Practical tools to take back to workplace

Designed and developed by Gamelearn, Triskelion is not a time management course. It is a training program that teaches a working system that has been tried and tested by many users. This system incorporates the most cutting-edge techniques and tools currently available.


The time management simulations enable users to practice, experiment and receive ongoing and instantaneous feedback, which greatly enhances their learning.


Triskelion contains a wealth of tips, tools and practical instructions. It is not constrained by a theoretic or model-based approach.


It is based on adopting an attitude and creating a reliable system for managing commitment to increased productivity and efficiency, both professionally and personally. Watch preview video.


A cost effective introduction to online 'G-Learning. Online games based learning (G-Learning) is a fun, quick, flexible and cost effective way to deliver relevant skills to your employees wherever they may be located. Merchants delivers negotiation and conflict resolution skills via a 6 unit program, interacting with one of the most powerful online simulators available...more